Quick Starts


Please note: That whatscode.js functions code runs from the ground up. Need help? Join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/CzqHbx7rdU

Install the library

First of all, install whatscode.js library:

# Install via npm
npm install whatscode.js
# or install it from Github for more new features, some bug fixes, and mybe theres some bugs too.
npm i github:JastinXyz/whatscode.js

Make your first simple bot

Create your first bot using whatscode.js with just a few lines:

const { Client } = require("whatscode.js");
const bot = new Client({
name: "Your bot name",
prefix: "Your bot prefix",
// required callback
bot.onConnectionUpdate(); // connection update
bot.onCredsUpdate(); // credentials update
bot.onMessage(); // message update
// example ping command
name: "ping",
code: `๐Ÿ“ | $ping ms`


Callbacks can be used to run events, sort of logging and the like. There are several callbacks that are needed when creating a bot with whatscode.js. But there are still some other callbacks that you can use.

// here are examples of callbacks for user join and user leave.
// it can be used like Welcomer or Goodbye.
// callback
// code breakdown is in the docs...
// This command will run when someone joins the group
groupJid: '123@g.us',
code: `hello {user}, welcome to {group}`
// This will run when a user leaves the group.
groupJid: '123@g.us',
code: `goodbye {user} from {group}`


Variables can be used to store data, you can also use this for like system economics, leveling and others.

name: "value",
name2: "value2"